seed library

Founded by Deedee Panesar, THE SEED LIBRARY lends seeds, free of charge, with an aim to create greener spaces, encourage people to grow their food, and facilitate community learning.  

The goal of the SEED LIBRARY is to protect genetic diversity in our food system and promote public access to seeds.

about me

Deedee Panesar is a soulful entrepreneur who is living out her soul’s purpose. She follows a career path that perfectly aligns with and portrays her passion and purpose in life.

volunteer Voyage

Deedee Panesar engages in the protection of our world's species and natural habitats.

She volunteers to do literacy education, communications and outreach, postering, marketing, and special events that provides a meaningful, hands-on educational experiences in ecology significant areas.


President, Deedee Panesar of DORA ECOSYSTEMS, occupies an eco-friendly clean technology that contributes to sustainable development to conserve the natural resources and environment which will meet the demands of the present and future generations to live in a clean and healthy environment, in harmony with nature.


Deedee Panesar is the Founder of the READ TO LEAD TO SUCCEED book library project that was created on a culture of reading to build community and to inspire creativity for communities in rural First Nations.  This project is supported by individual donations and grants.


The creation of the TAA'NA GOLD COIN has developed with the primary purpose of protecting the rights and property of the Indigenous people who are usually the unintended victims of industrialization and globalization.


Deedee Panesar is the president of DORA RESOURCES, a company that focuses on the extraction of natural minerals to conserve and enhance biodiversity.


Soulpreneur, Deedee Panesar works to raise the earth's vibration and shift the energy of humanity by assisting others to unlock their sacred power to rise into their life's purpose, soul's mission, and deepest calling. She offers unique mindfulness practices for soul-seekers.


Adventure, unplug, relax and retreat with women-only-wilderness glamping, exercising the magic of slowing down to nature's pace and encountering real connections.


Deedee Panesar is the President and Creative Director of TRUTHTELLERS PUBLISHING, a book company committed to holding space for women’s truths in stories.  We commit to help uplift, take one on a journey and change one’s perspective of the world.