seed library

Founded by Deedee Panesar, THE SEED LIBRARY lends seeds, free of charge, with an aim to create greener spaces, encourage people to grow their food, and facilitate community learning.  

The goal of the SEED LIBRARY is to protect genetic diversity in our food system and promote public access to seeds.

about me

Deedee Panesar is a soulful entrepreneur who is living out her soul’s purpose. She follows a career path that perfectly aligns with and portrays her passion and purpose in life.

volunteer Voyage

Deedee Panesar engages in the protection of our world's species and natural habitats.

She volunteers to do literacy education, communications and outreach, postering, marketing, and special events that provides a meaningful, hands-on educational experiences in ecology significant areas.


President, Deedee Panesar of DORA ECOSYSTEMS, occupies an eco-friendly clean technology that contributes to sustainable development to conserve the natural resources and environment which will meet the demands of the present and future generations to live in a clean and healthy environment, in harmony with nature. By using environmental technology, the impact on the animals and their habitat become significantly reduced, with plant life being protected ethically, so habitats maintain intact for future generations. The main focus of DORA ECOSYSTEMS is to have a long-term symbiotic harmonious relationship with the land, by transforming the area used and using it for productive purposes, during and after the mining process.


Deedee Panesar is the Founder of the READ TO LEAD TO SUCCEED book library project created on a reading culture to build community and inspire creativity for communities in rural First Nations.  This library project was established to empower young people in First Nations areas to read at a young age and build a foundation from their youth. It encourages their ability to learn, grow, and seek to expand their knowledge base by making this a community project.


The TAA'NA GOLD COIN was created with the primary purpose of protecting the rights and property of the Indigenous people, who are usually the unintended victims of industrialization and globalization. To keep the economy of the Indigenous people safe, TAA'NA GOLD COIN was developed to deter hackers attempting to use a "backdoor" attempt to steal and compromise the economic well-being of the Indigenous peoples.


Deedee Panesar is the President of DORA RESOURCES, a company driven by world-leading environmental practices and helping metals and mining companies minizine the impact on the natural environment, animals, plants, and their habitats to create a lasting impact in changing environments. Deedee Panesar's first book, entitled IN GOLD WE TRUST, led her into the mining industry, where she is changing the world of mining for generations to come.


Deedee Panesar is an Intuitive Energy Lightworker. Her spiritual mindfulness practices include performing actions and activities undertaken to induce spiritual experiences and cultivate spiritual development with forest bathing and sound bathing, incorporating EFT, reiki, crystals, and breathing techniques. She works to raise the earth's vibration and shift humanity's energy by assisting others to unlock their sacred power to rise into life's purpose, the soul's mission, and deepest calling.


A glamping retreat designed for women where you and friends can pull away for a time of reflection and fun, focusing on the organic and a connection to the outdoors. A truly transformative experience for you to take time for yourself. Take the time to disconnect digitally, reconnect with yourself and the great outdoors, gain new perspectives, and try new things.


Founded by Deedee Panesar, TRUTHTELLERS PUBLISHING, a media book publishing company committed to holding a space for women’s truths in stories. That can help uplift, take one on a journey, or can change one’s perspective of the world. There is the power behind the stories and situations all women have experienced. As a publishing house, we know contributors' stories will provide all generations with wisdom and knowledge to be bold and follow through with what they know is right.